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What is Bat Shaving?

By Jacob R. McDaniels December 2nd, 2017 22:09 CST


World's Hottest Bats

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Bottom Line
10 years shaving bats is the longest out of all bat shaving companies. Longevity does say a lot about a company. They were the first to offer the rubberized coating.

Price is at the high end of service. World's Hottest bats have quite a few negative reviews. No video/picture proof of their work offered and no compression test results. Only 1 level of shaving available.
World's Hottest Bats has been in the business longer than all companies reviewed. WHB do have some negative reviews but also some positive reviews. WHB are #1 in a google search and #1 with ad words. I would feel confident sending bats here if there wasn't a better option.
Bat shaving:
Bat rolling:
+$25 ("Game Ready Service")
Polymer coating:
How long in business bat shaving:
10 Years
Better Business Bureau rating:
World's Hottest Bats Bat Shaving Review
World's Hottest Bats has a solid grip on the bat shaving industry with a #1 spot on google and a #1 placement with google ads. Getting to the top of a Google search takes time and effort or big money spent with SEO companies. I believe in this case it is a little bit of all 3 that has put them at the top. With that said, WHB must be doing something correctly or they would not have been in business for 10 years. They have come out with a few new things over the years. One of them is a rubberized coating to help with inner barrel flaking and durability. They also have come up with a Game ready service as a bat break in option but the game ready service has no information on what or how the process is performed, which is odd. They also engrave bats which I thought was a pretty unique service. Offering bat shaving at $125 is the highest price in the industry. WHB also charges $25 extra for bat rolling (Game Ready Service) and $15 extra for rubberized coating for a total of $165 for all 3 bat services. The same services are offered by other bat shaving companies for $80-$135; this margin is too great and had to be mentioned. Aside from some negative reviews and high pricing WHB seems to be a legitimate bat shaving company who has been bat shaving for a long time.
Rush service:
Compression testing:
Different levels of shaving:
Guarantee of work:
Turn around time:
3-4 Days
"If there is a problem with the Bat(s), other than cracking or denting, that is attributable to poor workmanship by World's Hottest Bats; World's Hottest Bats will repair the Bat(s) at no charge for up to six (6) months from the date of this Shaved Bat Purchase Form and Release."
World's Hottest Bats has one of the more solid guarantees as far as what they will take care of; one of the things they did not mention was replacement of the bat if it was damaged. Another downside is the 6 month period, which would not be a full season if something were to happen.
Reviews can be skewed to one side or another and most people only review when there is something negative that happens. Positive reviews usually means the company went above and beyond the normal. Most reviews are taken with a grain of salt and have to be analyzed by the reader as legitimate or not.
Positive Reviews
10/26/2016 Al Silverman
This company did exactly what they said they were going to do. They're prices are competitive and their work is 1st class. In addition, I commend their customer service department. They answered all of my questions and were with me every step of the way. My bat was rolled, shaved, and the end cap was replaced. As a result, I have a bat that really exceeds my expectations. It has a whole lot of pop now! I would highly recommend World's Hottest Bats!
Better Business Bureau Review
Facebook Review
07/11/2014 Karyn Matsumoto
Thank you, World's Hottest Bats! This is the 3rd bat you are customizing for us that speaks for itself we are 100% satisfied customers! Thank you for Always answering email right away too! Quick, Very Caring, Very Professional! Looking forward to doing future business with you! Steve Mummert you and your staff are Acme!
Facebook Review
12/21/2014 Brian Michael
Fast service and a great job. My bat still crushes the ball after 2 years and a unknown amount of hits. No issues at all with it, great work. Thanks again
Facebook Review
12/09/2014 Tony Vanderzeeuw
had many bats done great work one 5yrs still hittin bombs / won t change
Better Business Bureau Review
Took advantage of a '2 for 1' sale of service. Advertising a new result with current owned product. Sent two items in for service. Both of the products returned to me in the exact same condition as when shipped out. The companies complete failure to provide the service paid for is astonishing. The... company failed to communicate with me via email. Does not provide a telephone contact. Also, the turn around on service is advertised at 3-4 days, My products returned to me 17 days later.
Negative Reviews
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Forum Review
03/28/2014 Chriscm922
Not motorcycle related and this might not be the right spot, but thought I'd share. I play quite a bit of softball throughout the summer, one of the things I like to do. Anyway, decided to order a hot bat to mess around with and found these guys. Terrible mistake. Bought a $350 bat on March 6, they told me 3-4 days and it would ship. I waited 2 and half weeks and just sent an email asking for an update. Not upset at all, just don't like being left in the dark. Anyway, they didn't respond, so 3 days later, I sent another email, and got nothing. So I tried again, still nothing. Finally I gave up, and decided I wasn't losing my money, so I filed a dispute through PayPal. And guess what they did the next day...emailed me about it. Weird coincidence. Anyway, I said at that point I didn't want to do business with them and wanted a refund, which they agreed to. 5 days later, still no I emailed and just asked if they were going to send it soon. Not really expecting a response, but a minute after, I got a response saying I filed a dispute, so I need to go through PayPal. Which I did. But what pissed me off is they don't respond, until I file a dispute, and then when I ask about my refund, they pretty much blow me off. Anyway, just a rant. Figured there are probably other softball players out there that might use them. Just giving a little heads up.
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Is Bat Shaving Illegal?

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