How to Shave a Bat

What is Bat Shaving?

By Jacob R. McDaniels June 4th, 2018 11:46 CST


How to Shave a Bat

Is Bat Shaving Illegal?

How to Shave a Bat

How to Shave a Bat

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What is Bat Shaving?

Is Bat Shaving Illegal?

How to Shave a Bat

Bat Shaving Reviews


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Bat Shaving is primarily performed with a lathe which expands the center of the barrel of a bat or "shaves" out material. It also can be accomplished with a cylinder hone in the same manner. A lathe can either be analog or digital and coordinates are programmed in and the bat is secured in the large chuck which spins as the tool moves along the coordinated axis to cut into the bat as it spins in a very precise manner. It is as simple as that but bat shavers are constantly updating the amount of composite material they take out of a bat because of the ever changing manufacturer specifications and upgrades to composites. Shaving a bat truly becomes an art form when completed correctly and consistently.

Using a Lathe

A more less known way to shave a bat is by using a brake cylinder drill hone. It completes the task of a lathe but not as accurate. Bat shavers use a drill hone to remove material from the center of the barrel and weigh the bat to gauge how much needs to be removed. The only small advantage to a drill hone is that it can shave closer to the taper of the bat and even shave some of the uneven taper when needed. A lathe is still the most accurate and preferred method to shave a bat but a cylinder hone will more than perform the job of bat shaving.

Using a Drill Hone

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