Gorilla Baseball Bats Review

What is Bat Shaving?

By Jacob R. McDaniels December 19th, 2020 11:43 CST


Gorilla Baseball Bats

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Gorilla Baseball Bats have a very competitive lower end shaving price. They also offer a rush service if desired. The different levels of bat shaving is also a plus.

Gorilla Baseball Bats has only been around 2 years. Their name suggest they are focusing on baseball but there website information shows they do work on other types of bats. To date GBB does not have a guarantee of work.
Gorilla Baseball Bats is an extremely young company looking to find their identity. They seem to be mimicking services that older companies offer. When GBB becomes more seasoned I can feel more confident to send my bat in for bat shaving service.
Bat shaving:
Bat rolling:
Included in price
Polymer coating:
How long in business bat shaving:
2 Years
Better Business Bureau rating:
Gorilla Baseball Bats offer quite a few bat shaving service staples such as: polymer coating, rush service, 4 different levels of shaving, good turnaround time (2-3 days), and compression testing (although the website does not state results are sent with the bat shaving purchase). Gorilla Baseball Bats upper tier bat shaving is offered at a higher price where most others do not have an up charge for this service. Because their name suggests they focus on baseball I am also not keen on sending them softball or fastpitch bats. As I scrolled through the website I also read through their blog entries. I found that these seemed written by someone who does not have quality information about bat shaving or related topics. While I can appreciate what appears to be a good use of funds for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you can't pay for experience. Time will tell if they produce a good product but for now they are a question mark in this industry.
Rush service:
Compression testing:
Different levels of shaving:
Guarantee of work:
Turn around time:
2-3 Days
Reviews can be skewed to one side or another and most people only review when there is something negative that happens. Positive reviews usually means the company went above and beyond the normal. Most reviews are taken with a grain of salt and have to be analyzed by the reader as legitimate or not.
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Gorilla Baseball Bats Bat shaving review

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