What is Bat Shaving?

What is Bat Shaving?

By Jacob R. McDaniels January 24th, 2018 12:56 CST


What is Bat shaving?

Bat shaving is a service that thins the walls of a bat to induce a "trampoline effect" when the bat strikes a ball. The end cap is removed on a composite or aluminum bat and it is then placed into a maching lathe. Coordinates are programmed in according to the desired thickness of the bat barrel walls. The bat spins in the chuck of the lathe and a horizontally stationary cutting tool cuts the length of the barrel by "shaving" the inside. Once shaving is completed some bat shavers use a polymer/rubberized coating to strengthen the walls so premature flaking of the freshly cut composite does not occur through constant flexing of the barrel. The end cap is then attached with a strong epoxy and left to dry. Depending on the composite of the bat and the wall thickness balls have been tested to travel up to 62ft more than normal.

Is Bat Shaving Illegal?

How to Shave a Bat

What is Bat Shaving?

Bat Shaving
Just to put an 8-mph increase in performance in performance in perspective, the difference between a softball leaving a bat at 98-mph and a softball leaving a bat at 106-mph is about 62 feet in additional distance travelled.

What is Bat Shaving?

Is Bat Shaving Illegal?

How to Shave a Bat

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