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By Jacob R. McDaniels January 9th, 2020 09:18 CST


Exclusive Bats

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Exclusive Bats is on the lower end of the bat shaving price spectrum. EB also has a good line of communication offering 2 phone numbers. As stated on their web page, EB also can shave a variety of bats. Their website is pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate.

Exclusive bats does not have a guarantee located on their web page. Bat rolling is included with the price of bat shaving and the polymer coating is on the high side at $13.99. The Better Business Bureau has rated them NR.
Exclusive bats has been around for 6 years and does not appear have any bad press. EB does not offer a lot of add-ons to the bat shaving, such as: Different levels of shaving, rush service, compression testing etc., Their pricing is low on some models but $75 is the predominant price on their web page. I do have some reservations about Exclusive bats as you will read below.
Bat shaving:
Bat rolling:
Polymer coating:
How long in business bat shaving:
5 Years
Better Business Bureau rating:
Exclusive Bats has been around for 6 years and have very competitive pricing (if you pick the right model bat and do not want to add polymer coating). They have a very nice website that is easy to thumb through. I did not find a lot of content as far as information,nor could I find a guarantee of work; which is a slight red flag. As I dug deeper on the Exclusive Bats Better Business Bureau web page I found an odd occurrence. Exclusive bats had 14 positive reviews within 3 days. As I read through these I noticed that in December of 2016 Exclusive Bats had an F rating with the BBB, which may explain the overload of false positive reviews to bolster that rating. As of now Exclusive Bats has a Rating of C+ (Updated to NR Rating) . This could be just a misunderstanding but I would be very apprehensive until they have more up to date reviews.
Rush service:
Compression testing:
Different levels of shaving:
Guarantee of work:
Turn around time:
2-3 Days
Reviews can be skewed to one side or another and most people only review when there is something negative that happens. Positive reviews usually means the company went above and beyond the normal. Most reviews are taken with a grain of salt and have to be analyzed by the reader as legitimate or not.
Positive Reviews
Better Business Bureau

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Negative Reviews
eb1.jpg eb3.jpg eb4.jpg
Rob M. had excellent business skills and is always willing to answer questions and provide excellent service when customers need it.
They took great care of my needs in a timely manner. One of the best companys I've done business with.
Very good customer service and good products and very quick responds
Very professional, would definitely do business with Exclusive Bats again
Rob is the best and he deserves an A+ rating. He has never done a bad deal.
Excellent business practices! Exclusive bats is a very well run business with great customer service and awesome communication! I recommend using this business to all off my friends and family.
I have nothing but good things to say about exclusive bats (Rob M.). Great service and quick response time from
Exclusive Bats is a very honest and trustworthy business. Rob is very professional in all aspects of his business .
100% positive review here! Exclusive bats isa great company!
Very good company. Have always been upfront and professional. No problems what so ever
Rob and Exclusive Bats did a great job of communicating with me and making sure that I was well taken care of from my first inquiries until and even after I received my bats. More than happy to do business with this gentleman.
Amazing company. Great owner! Definitely recomend.
This guy sends videos of all the work being done to each bat he works on!!! He is a great business owner who is always involved in every single deal!! This business should be rated very positive!!! .
Not sure why this business has a F rating I have felt with Rob the owner on many occasions and this man goes out of his way to make sure everyone is taken care of!!!! He is very hands on with all his customers and always takes care of everyone!!!!
SCAM ALERT- 14 positive reviews within 3 days and not another review since 2016.

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