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What is Bat Shaving?

By Jacob R. McDaniels December 27th, 2017 08:40 CST


Super Hot Bats

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Super Hot Bats biggest pro is their B+ BBB rating. The pricing is also very competitive depending on what bat you have to be shaved.

Super Hot bats does not offer a lot of services and there pricing is vastly different from bat manufacturer to the next. I cannot find a guarantee and a turnaround time.
Super Hot Bats probably does what they say they are going to do because I got a sense of trust after reading their home page. I believe they just need to convey their intentions on their site a little better.
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Not offered
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Not offered
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2 Years
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Super Hot Bats has a visually pleasing website but the pricing and services are hard to locate. The statements on the bat shaving web page are very convincing as far as trust and knowledge. They seem to be more geared to softball players as there pricing suggests because of the very high price for baseball bats. Super Hot Bats has plenty of videos of their bat shaving process and will even send you one with your bat shaving purchase. I could not find a guarantee of services anywhere on the website, which is a definite strike against trustworthiness. With all that said I get the feeling Super Hot Bats web design skills are their only constraints to getting out their true message of dependable bat shaving services.
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Reviews can be skewed to one side or another and most people only review when there is something negative that happens. Positive reviews usually means the company went above and beyond the normal. Most reviews are taken with a grain of salt and have to be analyzed by the reader as legitimate or not.
Positive Reviews
Better Business Bureau Review

Is Bat Shaving Illegal?

How to Shave a Bat

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What is Bat Shaving?

Is Bat Shaving Illegal?

How to Shave a Bat

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Better Business Bureau Review
Negative Reviews
super hot bats bat shaving
12/18/2017 Ryan M.
I had a amazing transaction with Super Hot Bats. I normally dont take time to write these reviews but everything was 100% perfect! Not only was the work done to my bat amazing, but i was able to see the entire process from start to finish by the videos he sent me while working on it. After receiving my bat I went out for some BP and had easily gained an additional 50Ft to my swing. These guys will be the only ones that touch my bats moving forward
Since the day I turned in my bat to get work on I have had the worst customer service I have ever had. I have been promised week in and out that my bat would be shipped to me but I have not received it. There has been several occasions where the owner promised me my bat would be delivered to me on a certain day but I never received my bat back. He has been pushing back the dates every week. he has told me that he shipped out my bat but then later explains to me he still has it. He has been making up several excuses such as my package was sent back to his business because my address was incorrect. On his website he says it takes an average of 2 to 3 days for a bat to be worked on and then shipped out to the owner. I sent my bat to super hot bats 6 weeks ago. He has promised me he would send me tracking information when he shipped the bat but he has failed to do so on multiple occasions as well. This is the worst business I have ever dealt with and I would not recommend super hot b.
I would like a full refund of 60.00 plus my shipping cost that I had paid. If my bat is not sent back to me I would like the 300.00 for my bat in addition since that is what My bat is worth. That would be a total of 375.00.

Super Hot Bats Response
Mr. ****** sent his bat in to be shaved, rolled, and weighted to 25oz. The original weight was 27oz. In order to accomplish Re weighting a bat 2oz less than stock weight a lot of work has to be done. Mr. ****** knew from the start we would have his bat for A week to 2 weeks not including shipping because it is our busy season (baseball/softball season). Shipping a bat to us takes 3-5 days depending on service he chose and the same on the way back. So shipping time alone is a week. Total process from start to finish is 3 weeks which was all explained the very first time we spoke before he shipped us his bat. He was charged $50 for shave and roll and $10 for return shipping. His bat also required a new end cap which he never paid for. When the bat was finished it was shipped to the address he provided. The bat was returned a week later stating the address he provided was undeliverable. We reached out to Mr. ****** letting him know what was going on and asked for him to confirm his shipping address. We then paid to ship the bat a 2nd time and also paid extra to expedite it to him. He let us know he was frustrated that he hadn't received his bat. We apologized and reminded him that The reason for the delay was due to the address he provided was non deliverable. Our goal is to keep every customer and to make them happy. With that in mind We offered Mr. ****** a free bat shave in hopes to help resolve an issue that was not our fault to begin with. His response was that he wanted a full refund. We unfortunately declined his request. Mr. ****** received all of the work he paid for (he also received video Proof of work) he received a brand new end cap ($25 he did not pay for) and we paid to ship his bat to him twice (second time was expedited). His tracking info usps - ********************** his bat was delivered on 6/30/17 at 7:18am.

Consumer Response
After reading his response, he switched up his words around from what he told me. He said from the beginning that the bat would take a week or two to get worked on, but he did not ship my bat until 6 weeks later. The end cap that he mentioned and said I did not pay for makes it seem like I chose not to pay it. He told me for all the mishaps he would cover my end cap for me. Can I please send you guys all the emails and text messages this guy sent me? This business owner switched his words around a little bit from what really happened. There were several occasions where this owner would not respond to me when I asked for the tracking information or asked about the progress of my bat (when he promised he would send it to me the next day). He would never respond back to me after countless weeks of trying to get hold of him. Like I said, I have every message and email from this company, which shows how he would never respond to me. The minute I mentioned to Super Hot Bats that I had contacted the Better Business Bureau, within a few hours he finally shipped out my bat and gave me tracking. (Getting the tracking was still a pain because he told me I would have my tracking in a few minutes). I had to remind him hours later to send me the tracking. This guy is really switching his words around to make it seem like this is my fault. If he shipped the bat out all those times, he should have receipts of him paying for the shipping. Ironically, during all those times, he would never send me tracking information. Please let me send you all the messages and emails as I am very upset and I was not going to request a refund anymore, until I read this response from him. He is switching his words around to make it seem like this is partially my fault. I did nothing wrong. I have never dealt with such a terrible business.

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