What is Bat Shaving?

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Editor's Rating:
Very Poor
Bottom Line has been around for 9 years in the bat shaving industry. Their base bat shaving prices are very competitive for slow pitch and fastpitch softball. had a F rating with the Better Business Bureau. Their pricing is high on baseball bats and adding bat rolling is not included in their bat shaving price. has some unfavorable reviews.
I would have serious reservations about sending my bat into The F BBB rating and the unfavorable reviews would steer me clear of using their bat shaving services.
Bat shaving:
Bat rolling:
Polymer coating:
How long in business bat shaving:
9 Years
Better Business Bureau rating:
F has been on the Internet for 9 years which makes them one of the older bat shavers on the Internet. Their website is easy to navigate and is very simple. The site contains very little information about bat shaving. BD net is competitive for customers looking for single service options but multi-service pricing is not in line with their competitors. Reading through reviews of and the F rating from the Better Business Bureau is a huge issue for customer confidence. is one of the lowest rated bat shaving businesses I reviewed.
Rush service:
Compression testing:
Different levels of shaving:
Guarantee of work:
Turn around time:
1-2 Days
There is a warranty for all workmanship performed to the bat and if there were any issues with the workmanship it will be repaired at no cost to the customer. You will simply need to ship your bat back to us we will then make any repairs necessary and we will pay for any expenses to ship the bat back to you
Reviews can be skewed to one side or another and most people only review when there is something negative that happens. Positive reviews usually means the company went above and beyond the normal. Most reviews are taken with a grain of salt and have to be analyzed by the reader as legitimate or not.
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Is Bat Shaving Illegal?

How to Shave a Bat

What is Bat Shaving?

Is Bat Shaving Illegal?

How to Shave a Bat

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Better Business Bureau
Negative Reviews
Bat was not shaved as paid for . weight exactly the same . bat was used by three different people against unshaven bat . no difference in performance
On April 30, 2017 I purchased and paid for an "in stock" bat and I paid for expedited shipping. Several days later, I was contacted by Bat Doctor and asked to accept a different bat because they did not have the bat i ordered in stock as it was shown on their website. I chose to have them order the... bat. I called for updates many times and was given the run around. The last time I spoke with them, I was promised my bat shipped overnight with a tracking number by the end of the day on May 16, 2017. After two days of them not answering my phone calls or my texts, I opened a PayPal dispute and they finally contacted me via text 24 hours later. We came to an agreement that they would have my bat shipped to me the following week and it would arrive no later than May 23, 2017. Today, I was contacted by Bat Doctor via text and told that they would only ship my bat if I would cancel my dispute. I asked them several times to contact me through PayPal to solve the issues and they refused. As of now, I am out $475 and I still have no bat. I decided to cut ties and escalate the dispute through PayPal. I pray I get my money back. I was shocked to read all of the other complaints from customers that have been treated similar to me. How is this place still in business?
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Better Business Bureau

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Better Business Bureau
Sent bat doctor 4 bats to be worked on and he only sent 2 bats back. Have called, text, and emailed him over 100 times. I just want the bats back. He refuses to call me back. I called a private investigator who called the bat doctor and bat doctor told him he would call and did not. I just want my other 2 bats back
Better Business Bureau
Warning DO NOT GIVE BUSINESS TO THIS SHADY COMPANY. I ordered equipment (Easton Baseball Bat) from Bat Doctor LLC and it was one of the biggest mistakes I have made in my life. These guys (Jason I believe) just give customers the run around, and refuse to be transparent. I had to email 8+ times to finally get a response, and even when I received a reply, they purposely avoided the question I was asking. Do not give these guys your business, trust me on this one
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Better Business Bureau
We ordered a bat from BatDoctor on 5/26/18. We received our bat on 6/4 and the bat had been seriously damaged during shipping after contacting BD we were told to overnight the bat back at our expense and they would send us another bat within 48hours. We didnít recieve another bat until 6/16 after being Golding on 6/11 and 6/13 that our bat had already been shipped. It wasnít shipped from BD until 6/15 according to shipping receipt on the box. Once we received a bat on 6/16, it is not the bat we ordered. It is not even a capable bat to what we order. We have been trying to reach BD since 6/18 with no response. With have sent emails and left multiple messages. The bat has already been paid for in full. We either need BD to send us the correct bat or refund our money plus all shipping expenses we have paid trying to recieve the correct bat.

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